LGI actions

We understand the impact that sports can have in the community and its individuals. That’s why we’re focusing our efforts in: 

Raising awareness amongst businesses and individuals in the US to help make visible the critical role that sports education plays for at risk kids in Latin America.
Establishing trust-based long-term institutional relationships with sports organization in the Americas to support, through monetary and non-monetary means, youth-sports organizations in Latin America.
Long-term institutional relationships

Securing children and teens’ basic rights to education, shelter, nutrition, and health care.


Building high quality sports facilities.


Sports education through innovative approaches and methodologies

Supporting Latin America nonprofit organizations

Active project: Fundación Deportiva Dynamo

Fundación Deportiva Dynamo

Fundación Deportiva Dynamo, a nonprofit organization, started its operations in 2013 in Margarita Venezuela. It came up from the founder's desire to offer a space where children and teenagers from Los Robles community could learn through sports, particularly soccer. 

What do they do?

Fundación Deportiva Dynamo offers to children and teenagers who come from vulnerable communities the opportunity to become successful citizens through a comprehensive formative program with football as the theme that guides the curriculum development and instruction.

Their objectives are:

  1. To promote a full development of children based on football as the driving content of learning and teaching activities.

  2. To offer children excellent learning opportunities in the fields of health, sports, academic, emotional and relational skills for the development of good habits, attitudes and exemplary behaviors.

  3. To facilitate the successful integration to society of children at risk of exclusion and expand the range of social participation by developing a wide range of skills necessary to face the current society’s demands.

  4. To ensure the basic rights of children in health, food, education, recreation and housing in an environment with healthy dynamics that allows children to have a quality life appropriate to their development stages.


Team work dynamic

They offer two ways for the participation of children and teenagers:


  1. Full scholarships: oriented to those with exceptional sports skills and talent, which includes residency and the inclusion in their comprehensive formative program that takes place in their facilities in order to fulfill the 4 objectives listed above, besides helping them become professional soccer players. Currently there are 10 young people under full scholarship who participate in this program.

  2. Partial scholarships: destined to vulnerable children and teenagers from the surrounding community. It includes the participation in the Academia Dynamo FC, where they can train 3-4 times a week and compete in soccer tournaments on weekends. This scholarships ensure the fulfillment of objectives 1 and 3 listed above. Currently there are 115 participating in this program.

Winners in their first international competition

Life Goals Initiative recognizes and certifies the huge impact that Fundación Deportiva Dynamo has had in the community with their one of a kind program. Therefore, in 2020-2021 we are supporting this initiative to help expand their work and reach their goal of providing 50 full scholarships and 300 partial scholarships.

Our fundraising goals are $584.000 for 40 full scholarships and 200 partial scholarships; $500.000 for adequate infrastructure to provide space to all these children and their families.  Please support this cause!

Active project: Texas Academy of Soccer

Texas Academy of Soccer

TAS has the inspiring and unique mission of training young soccer players to develop into well rounded athletes. We use an unique and groundbreaking methodology brought to Houston by one of the best European professional teams, The Real Madrid Foundation. 

This alliance will continue to provide LGI, with the necessary exposure in pursuing its key objectives of providing a customized soccer program specifically for the growing American market.