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Life Goals Initiative

We are building a future...

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to support youth-sports organizations that are driving change by building exemplary citizens through sports education in the Americas changing people’s perception of poverty and failure into one of optimism, possibility and success.


We are going to start focusing on Venezuela, but our intent is, in time, to broaden our reach to Latin America.


The Life Goals Initiative will accomplish its mission through the following program and activities:

Raising awareness amongst businesses and individuals in the US to help make visible the critical role that sports education plays for at risk kids in Latin America.

Establishing trust-based long-term institutional relationships with sports organization in the Americas to support, through monetary and non-monetary means, youth-sports organizations in Latin America.

Supporting Latin America nonprofit organizations devoted to


  • Securing children and teens’ basic rights to education, shelter, nutrition, and health care.

  • Building high quality sports facilities

  • Sponsoring athletes

  • Sports education through innovative approaches and methodologies

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